Heather Day

Heather Day


Heather walks in her soul purpose of cultivating the inner pathways of sacred union through her Embodied Sacred Union Coaching Programs, workshops and guided meditations.

Heather’s gifts lie in the guidance of the inner masculine to his own unique most powerful and potent expression. This is realized through the blooming of, and union with, the inner feminine and her powers of depth, juiciness and flow.

Heather holds her sacred womb-space for all who desire to dive into the depths of their dark, fertile inner world to bring union to their mind and body.

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Sacred Space Held by Heather

The Container

As a Priestess of Sacred Union, Heather feels deeply called to work with the masculine. In this space, she offers the balm of the Divine Feminine presence of unconditional love, acceptance, tenderness, clear truth, intuition and wisdom. Within this sacred womb container, the masculine explores his alchemical transformation into the full, powerful potency that the feminine so deeply craves.


The Foundation

Cultivation of these sacred union pathways begins first with a strong foundation of embodiment. The pillars of embodiment create a framework in which the masculine mind can begin to experience what it feels like to hold space for and nourish the feminine within. These skills will be returned to again and again throughout a lifetime as awareness is brought to particular feelings in the body, emotions, habits, situations, or belief systems that feel out of alignment.


The Expertise

To this foundation, Heather brings her unique embodied wisdom of the Divine Masculine and Feminine archetypes, as well as the Sacred Union archetypes and elements that bond them as one. In this journey, you will become intimate with your own archetypes and your unique expression of these archetypes, as well as the ways they are expressing and interacting in your life. You will begin to discover the dance of embodied sacred union that is taking place every moment of every day within you.

The Programs

Heather has weaved all of these elements together into her Embodied Sacred Union Signature Coaching Programs. In this her programs you will explore the 4 layers of cultivation and embodiment of this sacred inner relationship. She will gently guide you through the nebulous layers of your inner feminine, weave an intimate understanding of the processes to satisfy your inner masculine, and arm you with tools to confidently navigate tensions damming the flow of their union.

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