Heather Day

Soul Mission

Return Home to Yourself



Anchor your roots

Step into your next expansion


Your desires are trustworthy guides to your transformation.



There is a level of personal empowerment and authenticity that is only to be found on the other side of deep self discovery…


A level of recognition only to be found when one has devoted themselves to honoring their soul expression…


A level of fulfillment only to be found when you claim and share your unique gifts with the world.


Who you are has immense value to your fractal community.


Your higher self is calling you to return to your soul template.


The mind may not be ready, and there are likely deep seated fears around facing the shadows you feel within, but know this: your soul is calling you forward.


I am here to work with souls who have a powerful role to play in the revolution of our consciousness. Those who are here to lead the way as models and guides to building a new paradigm from the roots up.


Connecting with me at any depth will draw you into a rebirth. Your Soul will be activated to burn through any old templating based in fear, to welcome shadows, distortions, grief, and pain. To alchemize old templating and tend the embers of your souls authentic power and expression. To step into your true soul essence and unique path to prosperity.


I am here to revolutionize and reorient our daily work from grinding away for money and external stability and acceptance, toward self-empowered, soul guided, earth rooted, richly abundant, pure expression of gifts and authentic self.


The effect of each person who steps into their inherent value of pure self expression is paradigm shifting and culminates at a massive collective consciousness level.


This is what our new economy will be built upon and this is how we will redirect resources to build our new economy.


I’m here to awaken the leaders of this revolution.

If you feel called to a deeper knowing of self, if you feel drawn to my message and energy – your soul is calling you forward.

I'm Heather Day

I am an Enchantress, Oracular Guide, and Priestess of Sacred Union who revitalizes souls in their freedom as they are distilled to their core essence and authentic expression of self. I empower seekers to create true prosperity and fulfillment by giving life to their inner dreams and visions.

My gifts reveal your next level of authentic expression and cultivate fractal union connections to bring all parts of you and your life into harmonious relation.

Mastery in somatic, elemental, relational, cellular and archetypal template healing – guided by your unique design – rooted in lineages of ancient wisdom and trained in the arts of feminine magic.

Unravel blockages between body, mind, soul, and life, alchemize new templating, anchor your roots, and step into your next level.

I am here to burn away all that distorts your core essence, empower you to embrace all of who you are, and walk hand in hand with you in a deep alchemical cauldron of remembrance to reclaim your unique power and purpose.



Soul Mission
Soul Mission

Ready to set your life on fire?

I offer ever deepening spirals of initiation for souls who are ready to ignite their core essence, reclaim their gifts, and weave their dreams into reality.

Oracular experiences with a Priestess of Sacred Union: Court wisdom held in the fertile darkness of shadow to reclaim your unique path to true prosperity and fulfillment.



Stories and Musings

My Sacred Womb Container

For most of my life I was disconnected from my internal/emotional world, the beautiful dark nebulous world of my inner yin, as many of us are. There are so many factors that contribute to this dissociation, and for me it was rooted deeply into a chasm that was built at about the age of 2......

The Dark Labyrinth

The Masculine has forgotten how to hold and make love to the Feminine in the heart of her home. He has forgotten their meeting place in the depths of her nebulous world in the cavernous core of her temple. Alone and abandoned she calls out to him from this space. All the while he comes......
Oracular Initiation

Orgasmic Inner Union

When a strong emotion makes itself known to us, sometimes we can gain some insights into and scratch beneath the surface of the experience. We may be feeling frustrated, sad, angry or overwhelmed about a situation. This situation is a very real thing that is being experienced, but the way you are experiencing it is......