Heather Day

Sacred Union

Alchemize your dreams into reality
- anchored through embodied union -

Empowering souls to

weave dreams into reality


alchemized union of mind and body

“It is our evolutionary destiny to deepen into oneness”
– Seren and Azra Bertrand – Womb Awakening


Your soul incarnated to experience a life of rich depth, harmony and abundance as can only be experienced through this human body.


Weaving between the dimensions of your dreams and 3D reality, empowers you to experience new depths of connection, soul-nourishing work, purpose led progress, and authentic soul expression;
through cultivating the pathways of union between mind and body to access your own unique essence and body led wisdom, while honoring your voice and gifts.

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Hi, I'm Heather Day

I am a Priestess of Sacred Union who empowers souls to root their dreams and desires into reality through my practical and grounded approach to Sacred Union, which alchemizes the magical threads of embodiment, bio-energetics, human design and archetypal expression.

Weaving my mastery of somatic healing and trauma completion with my experiential journey of relational union, archetypal influences and human design, I am here to guide others in the skill of weaving between current 3D reality based on old templating, which is no longer serving them, and the intangible dimensions of reality where their visions for the future are held.

Through this process souls court and cultivate union with life itself and are empowered to persevere in their purpose to transform their relationships, life and community structures.

Sacred Union

Ready to alchemize your purpose-filled life?

Alchemy of Sacred Union is my signature 1:1, 12-week program for souls who are ready to cultivate the skills of conscious navigation between dimensions and anchor in to a new template of reality that is guided by their own unique soul essence and gifts.

A once-in-a-lifetime experience to be witnessed, supported and empowered by a Priestess of Sacred Union as we dance in the fertile darkness of shadow to weave your fragmented life and expression into oneness.

Stories and Musings

My Sacred Womb Container

For most of my life I was disconnected from my internal/emotional world, the beautiful dark nebulous world of my inner yin, as many of us are. There are so many factors that contribute to this dissociation, and for me it was rooted deeply into a chasm that was built at about the age of 2......

The Dark Labyrinth

The Masculine has forgotten how to hold and make love to the Feminine in the heart of her home. He has forgotten their meeting place in the depths of her nebulous world in the cavernous core of her temple. Alone and abandoned she calls out to him from this space. All the while he comes......

Orgasmic Inner Union

When a strong emotion makes itself known to us, sometimes we can gain some insights into and scratch beneath the surface of the experience. We may be feeling frustrated, sad, angry or overwhelmed about a situation. This situation is a very real thing that is being experienced, but the way you are experiencing it is......