Heather Day


I hold an initiatory space to reawaken the GRAIL KINGS and rediscover the HOLY GRAIL of the feminine


cultivating the pathways of SACRED UNION between:





to experience more

in life and relationships

~while reclaiming~



EMBODIED Sacred Union is the cultivation of harmonized union between the Masculine (mind) and Feminine (body).

Have you experienced...

Mistrust in relationships

Questioning your purpose

Questioning the meaning of life

Feeling depressed and anxious

Addictive behaviors and cyclical patterns

Feeling lost, stuck, confused, and heartbroken

Feeling small, unworthy, and useless

Relationships lacking depth of intimacy

“I am not here to build or layout your life vision for you, nor to tell you what being a man/woman should look or feel like.

I am here to shine a light into the darkness of your inner world, walking side-by-side as you excavate the solutions and wisdom unique to your life expression.”


Do you desire...

To reclaim the magic within you

To replace outdated belief systems

Sovereign confidence in your purpose

Passion, intimacy, depth and adventure in your union

Deep clarity and direction in your life

Wholeness, joy, freedom and flow in your life

A pilgrimage into the depths of your own being

Understanding, respect, safety and honor in your relationships

Sacred Space Held by Heather

The Container

As an Initiatrix and Priestess of Sacred Union, Heather offers the balm of Divine Feminine presence, unconditional love, acceptance, tenderness, intuition, and wisdom. Within this sacred womb container, you will explore alchemical transformation into a more fully rooted expression of self.

Over a 3 month period, Heather will lovingly curate an individualized experience as she supports you in a series of 12 one-on-one, private sessions. During this time, she will allow your body to be the guide as you dance together in the darkness of your inner world.

You will learn to compassionately hold space for, witness, and honor the expressions that live within you as you excavate the wisdom, truth, clarity, and flow that exist beyond the blockages of incomplete emotional cycles, outdated beliefs, and patterns that are no longer serving you.

The Foundation

Cultivation of these sacred union pathways between mind and body begins first with a strong foundation of embodiment. The pillars of embodiment create a framework in which the masculine mind can begin to experience what it feels like to hold space for and nourish the feminine within. These skills will be returned to again and again throughout a lifetime as awareness is brought to particular feelings in the body, emotions, habits, situations, or belief systems that feel out of alignment.

The Expertise

To this foundation, Heather brings her unique embodied wisdom of the Divine Masculine and Feminine archetypes, as well as the Sacred Union archetypes and Elementals that bond them as one. In this journey, you will become intimate with your own archetypes and your unique expression of these archetypes, as well as the ways they are expressing and interacting in your life. You will begin to discover the dance of embodied sacred union that is taking place every moment of every day within you, and how the quality of your inner union is reflected to you in your waking life.