Alchemical Union Cauldron

Alchemical Union

Alchemical Union Cauldron

Oracular Initiation with Heather Day

This cauldron is an initiation of alchemical union into the darkness of your own Yin nature… through which your true Yang force may be embodied.


The presence, witnessing and intention of your divine masculine mind (ego) is welcome and yearned for here. And he must be willing to let go of what he thinks he knows to be initiated into the vast pools of wisdom held within this darkness.


Courage is necessary in this space, as you will be asked to strip yourself bare of all armoring to FEEL all that is hidden within the shadow. To allow yourself to be guided to that place where pain, rage, and anguish desire to be held and expressed.


Permission must be granted in this space to open and truly step into the light. To allow yourself to feel love, pleasure, and worthiness expand within your being.


Within this container the full spectrum of light and dark within you will guide you down into the deepest core of your pain and into the highest states of ecstasy, if you are willing to ride the ebbs and flows of your own nature.


From this surrender to witnessing your true nature, your deepest magic is embodied and your clearest and most empowered action – for your most secure structure can only be built upon a foundation of deeply rooted wisdom and inner truth.


In this cauldron, my mission is to reconnect you to your true nature and expression of self.


To clear your vision from that which has kept you lost, and unravel the blockages which have stemmed your flow.


To utilize your reclaimed magic to ignite the flames of your passion and aligned action toward your remembered mission.

Photo from Heather


I came to Heather 6 months ago to reclaim the feminine and really intertwine and understand sacred union. I have been on my own personal development journey for over 10 years and have worked on myself and uncovered many layers. The big reason why I felt called to work with Heather, was around my relationships. My relationship with my children and my husband in particular, and a flow and effect with my relationship in my business and friendship networks. What Heather could masterfully guide me on was to go within and dance between the relationships internally. What did that look like? What did that feel like, this sacred union?

Our work together just opened a whole portal. It initiated me in ways I could never fathom. I wanted to really take time to allow this process to unfold. I felt incredible impact in how Heather guided me. My relationships started improving 10 fold and they are continuing to do so, even now, 6 months on. Since then, so many things have been activated, so many opportunities have come before me. There is a much clearer path.  I have really been able to distill my gifts and my purpose. Now I fully feel supported by the universe and by my own higher-self. There is no longer this battle that I have within myself being reflected in my external world. In our time together I was able to dance with the relationship that I hold within me, that sacred union, and its now caused a ripple effect, impacting all areas of my life: My inner circle, my husband, my children, my business, my family, friendship networks.

My work with Heather completely elevated, fast-tracked and initiated me in a whole new way. So much has happened since working with her. It has shifted the trajectory of my life. What Heather does is pure magic. She is so masterful in Sacred union and guiding this dance of sacred union within so that it can reflect in your external world. It’s so beautiful and such and honor and pleasure to work with Heather. If you resonate, she will take you to the next level.

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12 Week Alchemical Union Immersion

During our time together I will curate a cauldron steeped with ingredients to support your individual journey of self discovery and alchemical union. As we deepen into the container, it will evolve and a vortex of energy will flow – fed by universal, ancestral, and archetypal energies to support alchemical transformation and embodiment in your desired area of focus.

Your body and desires will be the guide as we enter the dark forest together and begin to reclaim your magic and power. You will emerge each week with greater clarity, grounding, and self-assurance in your aligned course of action.

What to Expect:

6x Live 1:1 Sessions
We will meet bi-weekly to cultivate the pathways of alchemical union between your inner Yin and Yang energies. Using time magic, we will travel back to the foundations of your current cellular templating and work with other versions of yourself to rebuild and transform the energetic structures that form the life you experience today. You will experience root level release and transformation as time loops are unraveled, inner relationships are healed, and timelines are shifted.

Individually Curated Tools and Practices
I will curate a unique set of tool and practices to support you during our time together. You can keep these in your toolbox as resources to empower you as you continue along your journey of self discovery.

Lifetime Access
You will receive a private folder containing recordings of all of our sessions, as well as copies of each resource and tool I curate for your journey.

Integration Support
Receive voice message access via Signal or Whatsapp for integration support between sessions.







$1,444 X 3