Alchemical Union Cauldron

Alchemical Union

Alchemical Union Cauldron

Embodied Soul Transformation with Heather Day

The Witches Brew That Just Won’t Do

Are you tired of spiritual practices that feel like a constant battle against yourself? Have you explored modalities that focus solely on mindset, leaving you feeling like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back? Perhaps you’ve even experienced practices that seek to transcend the body altogether, leaving you feeling disconnected and ungrounded.

In the past, much of the spiritual work has been focused on a mind-over-body model, where the emphasis was solely on mindset and conscious choice. While this approach can create progress, it often feels like an uphill battle, requiring immense effort and resulting in only temporary relief.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are modalities that work exclusively at the energetic level, bypassing the contribution of the cerebral mind. While these practices can create beautiful, full-body experiences and shift energetic templating, they often lack the presence and navigation of the cerebral mind, making it difficult to focus on specific patterns or layers of healing.

Then there are psychedelic macro doses of plant medicines, which have become popular for breaching the walls of well-intentioned programming created by the ego. While these experiences can reveal the magical possibilities which lay on the other side of these walls, they often remain distant memories, unmaterialized in our 3D reality.


The Secret Ingredients of Root Level Alchemical Union

I believe in reclaiming the templates passed on to us from our ancient plant ancestors, bringing both the mind and body onboard to dissolve any barriers within the that hinder the harmonious and embodied experience of expression. I recognize the sacred and ancient templating held within plant beings which desire to serve as way showers back to our own biodelic, or embodied magical experience.

Through the process of alchemical union, you will cultivate these ancient templates within, allowing you to bring your full spiritual being, along with its magic, dreams, and purpose, into the 3D reality of your daily life. My mission is to reconnect you with your true nature and expression of self, clearing away that which has kept you from stepping into your full power.


Are You Ready to Dive Deep?

If you’re ready to dive deep and bring your whole being into union with all of life at a fractal level, then the Alchemical Union Cauldron is for you. Join me as we embark on a journey of self-discovery, alchemical union, and embodied transformation. It’s time to experience your deepest desires and truths in the real world now.

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Initiating The Masculine Within


This cauldron is an initiation of Alchemical Union within the darkness of your own Yin nature… through which your true Yang force may be embodied.


Do you experience an flavor of masculine expression that is less than desirable?


Whether you have felt this aspect of yourself overdeveloped or underdeveloped, the result is the same: a feeling of disconnect and imbalance in your natural expression of self. In modern society, immense value has been placed on the overdevelopment of an unrooted, immature masculine form, leading to a disconnection from sovereignty and an inability to take action aligned with one’s true desires.


In this cauldron we consciously bring both the mind and body onboard with the soul, universe, and Gaia to create efficient and embodied transformation. Without this holistic approach, we can remain stuck in undesirable patterns and cycles.


The presence, witnessing and intention of your divine masculine mind (ego) is welcome and yearned for here. And he must be willing to let go of what he thinks he knows to be initiated into the vast pools of wisdom held within this darkness.


Courage is necessary in this space, as your soul self will require you go deeper than you ever have before to reveal the gold hidden within the struggle. To allow yourself to be guided to that place where pain, rage, and anguish desire to be held and expressed.


Permission and boldness will be required in this space to open and fully step into your power. To allow yourself to feel love, pleasure, and worthiness expand within your being.


Within this container the full spectrum of light and dark within you will guide you down into the deepest core of your pain and into the highest states of ecstasy, if you are willing to ride the ebbs and flows of your own nature.


From this witnessing and embracing of your true nature, your deepest magic is embodied and your clearest and most empowered action is born – for your most secure structure can only be built upon a foundation of deeply rooted wisdom and inner truth.


In this cauldron, my mission is to reconnect you to your true nature and expression of self.


To clear your being from that which has kept you from stepping into your full power and building your biggest dreams into reality by unraveling the blockages which have kept you small and your light dim.


Utilizing your reclaimed magic to ignite the flames of your passion and aligned action toward your mission.

Alchemical Union Cauldron

12 Week Alchemical Union Cauldron

During our time together I will curate a cauldron steeped with ingredients to support your individual journey of self discovery and alchemical union. As we deepen into the container, it will evolve and a vortex of energy will flow – fed by universal, ancestral, and archetypal energies to support alchemical transformation and embodiment in your desired area of focus.

Your body, desires, and current struggles will be the guide as we enter the dark forest together and begin to reclaim your magic and power. You will emerge layer by layer with greater clarity, grounding, and self-assurance in your aligned course of action.

What to expect during our time in the Alchemical Union Cauldron:

+ 8x – 2hr Virtual 1:1 Sessions
The first session will be dedicated to open our cauldron and begin to gather the energy vortex as we lay the foundations of the work we will be doing during out time together.

We will meet for 6 bi-weekly sessions to cultivate the pathways of alchemical union between your inner Yin and Yang energies. Using time magic, we will travel back to the foundations of your current cellular templating and work with archetypal guides and other versions of yourself to rebuild and transform the energetic structures that form the life you experience today. You will experience root level release and transformation as time loops are unraveled, inner relationships are healed, and timelines are shifted.

The final meeting will close out the vortex and complete the weaving of our joint alchemical container.

+ Individually Curated Tools and Practices
I will curate a unique set of tool and practices to support you during our time together. You can keep these in your toolbox as resources to empower you as you continue along your journey of self discovery.

+ Lifetime Access
You will receive a private folder containing recordings of all of our sessions, as well as copies of each resource and tool I curate for your journey.

+ Virtually Unlimited Access to insights + Integration Support
We will have an open voice clip platform to continue discussions and keep the insights flowing and support you as you learn to meet and hold struggles between sessions, plus you will receive an additional 2 weeks of support through voice clip for integration.

+ 2x SOS Sessions
Included are 2 additional 45 minute emergency sessions for those times when you just need that additional bit of support to meet you where you are and work your way through the layers of templating that arise to be transformed.


Emerging from the Oracle’s Cave:

By the end of our journey together, you will have:

+Developed a deep trust in the wisdom of your internal guidance system, giving you the confidence to navigate life with clarity and assurance.

+Cultivated the skill of translating messages from your experiences, your soul, earth, and universe, supporting your ongoing soul-led evolution.

+Nurtured a safe and honoring space for all of who you are, exactly as you are, enabling you to step into your confidence and empowerment unapologetically.

+Empowered yourself to face fear, struggle, and triggers with curiosity and acceptance, transforming them into sources of wisdom and growth.

+Learned how to discern when past incomplete cycles rise to the surface, coloring your perspective and experience as they ask for presence and awareness.

+Discovered how to alchemize profound shifts in your behavior and perspective at the root level, translating into effortless embodiment of your empowered soul-self in the world.

+Created an embodied, experiential gnosis of healthy masculine and feminine energies, allowing you to more readily discern and relate to them in your external reality.

+Experienced powerful, real world shifts toward alignment in your 3D life and relationships.

Are you Ready to Enter the Oracles Cave?


Acknowledge Readiness for Investment

Transparency is very important to me and I desire to ensure we are both on the same page and ready to flow with the natural unfolding of our co-created container.

Full Pay – $7,333   OR    Payments – $2,444 X 3


Complete Application

The application process serves as an opportunity for me to understand a little more about where you are on your journey, what areas you desire to create shifts in, and to begin the attunement process.

It also serves as a way to hold your place should I happen to be overbooked, so that I can connect with you as soon as space becomes available.


Schedule Resonance Call

I will contact you within 72 hours to schedule a resonance call. This step is to us each a chance to get to know one another better and make sure the fit feels aligned. There will be an exploration of expectations for our time together as well as time to answer any additional questions you may have.


Welcome Email and Next Steps

If we have chosen to move forward after our resonance call, you will receive an email from me with the next steps to secure your place in the Cauldron, schedule your first 2 hour introductory session, and details as to what you can expect moving forward.

You may also explore books, podcasts, and interviews which I have shared in my resources tab.


Explore Resources

While you await the unfolding of this journey together, you may desire to explore additional resources to begin to align you with the energies of our cauldron.

You may access my Sacred Union Bundle which explores the archetypes of sacred union we are likely to encounter in greater detail.

You may also explore books, podcasts, and interviews which I have shared in my resources tab.