Have you ever worked with a therapist or mentor to understand why you do the things you do and act the way you act?

Did you also gain understanding the reasons why you might be showing up in those ways, and even having a new understanding of how you “should” or desire to be showing up?


This is because Freud was WRONG. Simply understanding the issue does not create the shift. Unfortunately, this is also the basis of most therapy and mindfulness work these days…

What about the modalities that can create deep shifts in the subconscious. The ones that CAN result in us showing up in new ways that are more honoring to ourselves and our authentic expression?

Plant medicine, energy psychology, hypnotism and the like?

These sources of shifts can indeed work to create some of the shifts we desire.

Are they empowering? Do you feel confidence to tackle new layers that arise? Or do you find yourself making an appointment so your guide facilitate it for you?

This was my experience in my healing journey until recently, and I know it is the most common experience people have on this journey.

It isn’t because these guides necessarily have a goal to keep you coming back… although some do.

It’s because this is how they know to explore or create these shifts.

We can only shine a light for others as far on the journey as we have gone ourselves.

I’m here to tell you there is a simple, intuitive and effective way to create these shifts any time you desire, without having to contact a guide to facilitate it for you.

This isn’t to say that group work and mentors are not valuable. Some of the deepest wounds of the collective consciousness can be explored and released in group work. Life is so full of such richness and intrigue. There are such gifts for us to explore and embody to share with the world.

I believe this is the arena of ongoing work for facilitators. Those who can authentically shine that light where we desire to go, but I deeply believe mentors are made to be outgrown.

My desire is to bring people to a space where they can freely connect with guides who resonate deeply with them to explore and embody these GIFTS OF THE JOURNEY, without wasting time struggling and relying on an outside source to navigate the EMOTIONS AND BELIEFS that inevitably crop up along the way.

My goal in shining my light is to empower others with tools that get to the heart of matter… Tools that are simple, intuitive and practical so that creating these little shifts can become a small, easily explored part of our lives, rather than the main focal point.