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Return to Union



The yearning for connection and union is a deep primal drive that lives within every human being. To be seen, to be accepted and loved unconditionally for who we are right now, in this exact moment, perfectly imperfect.

The catch is that many of us have a very hard time actually receiving this love and acceptance, because we do not feel that way about ourselves. We hold deep levels of trauma and beliefs around not being good enough. We hold so many aspects of ourselves that we, ourselves deem as unworthy. Unworthy to be felt, expressed, or believed… and this can cause a deep belief held in the body that no one else will ever see us as worthy either. We believe this so deeply, that we sometimes can’t accept or even see when someone does show up to love us in these ways.

The most powerful and intimate healing comes when we allow ourselves to be seen and held, emotionally and energetically, within a safe container by our fellow human beings.

That is why I have created my workshop: Return to Union.

In this workshop, men and women will come together in a sacred space to explore, be seen as (and held within) various aspects of the divine masculine and feminine that are the core truth of who we are. We will explore similarities and gain a deeper understanding of the traumas we each carry to cultivate a deeper embodied sense that we are not alone in this process. We will explore sacred rites and rituals to assist you in stepping more fully into your desired role and, through somatic, embodied practices we will process and release some of the layers that have prevented you from stepping into this role in the past.


  • Experience deep connection and intimacy within a safe space to be loved and accepted exactly as you are.
  • Embrace yourself and your imperfections more fully to feel more love, worthiness and acceptance cultivated from within
  • Face, feel and release the layers that have been holding you back from seeing and being who you already are inside.
  • Step more fully into your desired role as the divine masculine/feminine incarnate


We will relish in the beautiful container we have created afterward as we indulge in a sensual experience of deep conversation and tantalizing snacks.

The nature of this gathering is curated to be deeply intimate. The ability to read emotions and expressions on shining faces is central to creating such intimacy. As such, this space will not support the covering of the face. Each individual will be supported and honored to decide whether such a space feels nourishing for their journey at this moment.

If you would prefer an experience that is distanced, I will be creating more online workshops in the near future and would love to support your journey.  You can also keep an eye on my social media and website for an exciting online course I am in the midst of birthing.

What to bring:

For your own comfort:
Yoga mat, pillows, water, journal, clothes that feel amazing and allow you to move your body.

For the Altar (optional):
flowers, candles, stones, statues, any item or trinket that is supporting your current journey.

Big Om Yoga Retreat: This Workshop Has Finished

  • October 1st -3rd
  • Sequoyah State Park
    Quartz Mountain Lodge
    22469 Lodge Rd.
    Lone Wolf, OK 73655