How is embodiment related to the current atmosphere and energies of feminine awakening? Does this have anything to do with men?

Every human being has both feminine and masculine energies within them.

Every human also has a dominant energy which they embody more strongly than the other.

If mindfulness is rooted in the the masculine conscious energy force, based on structure, logic and what is tangible. Then embodiment is rooted in the feminine conscious energy force, also known as the sub-conscious, or more accurately the Mother conscious.

The process of learning to embody our emotions is as a collective, men and women, is at the core of the feminine awakening.

What we are moving into as a collective conscious in the feminine awakening is not another feminine led era… it is the reawakening of the feminine conscious within us ALL that has been repressed and ignored in favor of the masculine consciousness for centuries, as well as a healing of the masculine global conscious, so that these two energies can come together in sacred union.

No more duality, only the sacred polarity of the Yin/Yang.

Within, this looks like a balanced fullness of expression in our dominant energy, given a beautiful depth and potency by our supportive energetic expression.

In soul to soul union… this look like two equal and opposite energies magnetically attracting one another and becoming a physical expression and container as a support for the others energetic signature.

The inner union is what makes this kind of external union possible.

However, only working with the head and gut keeps us in duality and prevents an inner sacred union. It is fully possible to awaken the feminine and balance the masculine without surrendering to sacred union.

Sacred union happens in the heart space… where all of our feelings and emotions are expressed… or repressed to be expressed in unintended ways.