Journey of Sacred Union

Journey of Sacred Union

My Journey of Sacred Union

My Childhood Experience

My journey of sacred union begins, as we all do, in childhood.

Relationships with masculine influences in my life were marked by physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

My overall foundational experience of the masculine was volatile, deeply unsafe, repressive, controlling, manipulative, unstable, and sexually exploitive. I learned to stay small, keep quiet, and out of the way. The rage built up inside my body ensured I’d never find myself stuck into the corners I imagined others were always placing me in. My tender heart and womb were suffocated with walls of armor made from rationale and logic, intended to protect me from painful experiences… However, the pain always seemed to find ways to break free of its careful containment to lash out and hurt the ones I loved.

Journey of Sacred Union - childhood
Journey of Sacred Union - relationships

Mid-life Relationships

Incomplete emotional cycles, belief systems and coping mechanisms resulted in a defensive, hard, and aggressive young woman. Underneath this hard exterior was a little girl who felt alone, scared, and unworthy.

I chose relationships with men who were emotionally unavailable, resisted commitment and lacked depth of intimately. I felt starved for masculine attention and would seek to meet this need through exploitation of my own body in the form of promiscuity and hyper sexualization. As I desperately searched for safety and meaning in life, I swung to the opposite side of the spectrum when I became a fully covering Muslim woman. For many years I used my clothing as a physical barrier from a world where I felt unsafe to be seen.

Eventually, becoming a Mother thrust me into the deepest, purest, and most unfettered love that I had ever experienced. A complete state of bliss where I found the depth of love and connection I yearned for returned by this perfect, pure, innocent little being. Along with this love came the clearest and most potent mirror for my own inner child’s pain. My children began to innocently touch the rage and anger I had buried so deeply in my own shadows. It broke me to feel so out of control and to see the pain my emotions were inflicting on my sweet girls.

Initiations of Union

In a series of initiations, I began removing my armor. First, using psych-k and kundalini practices where the golden thread of sacred union lit up for me in the form of exploration in masculine and feminine energies.

Next, I began to touch upon the tender spaces of my heart. Here this golden thread took on new depth and richness as I began to meet the archetypes of sacred union, and dance with goddesses and elemental dragons of creation.

My next initiation was a deep dive into the underworld, midwifing my own rebirth and anchoring deep into the wisdom, softness, and grounded fierceness in my womb. A new inner-standing arose around the archetypes and Embodied Sacred Union was born.

Throughout this time I have apprenticed under amazing mentors and received certifications in Reiki, Embodiment Coaching, Womb Shamanism, and Biomancy – courting of the elemental world to claim the magic coded within our bodies.

My most recent initiation has been in Sacred Union with my beloved partner where I have begun to touch upon ever deeper wisdoms, and open even more fully into the gifts and magic of union.

And so, in the weaving of these pieces and parts of my life, I have birthed Alchemy of Sacred Union – a cauldron in which to alchemize fragmented lives back into union of body, mind, soul, and the elemental world to experience purpose and magic filled life – anchoring a new frequency of love on the planet to ripple out into the world.

Journey of Sacred Union - Initiations

Enter my alchemical cauldron and I will empower you to break down the barriers of union in your life

I have designed Alchemy of Sacred Union to address what I feel missing from the current market of coaching and inner work spaces. I see men and women desperately seeking depth of intimacy and drowning under the weight keeping it all afloat. I witness countless shamans and mentors who claim to hold the power to heal you in their magical modality, and gurus who will tell you exactly who supposed to be and what to do and say to convince others.


My mission is to empower you with the skills to hone in on your inner truth to break down the barriers of union in a targeted way that allows you to enjoy life and anchor deeply into the present moment with a feeling of fulfillment and ease.


Inner sacred union is the marriage courting of mind and body through the terrain of the heart. This process is cultivated using 5 key pillars foundational to completing trauma cycles in the body. Threads of tension are gently unraveled and followed deep into the subconscious realm where we are guided to touch upon the key rooted aspects of each cycle, often times weaving with more than one thread at a time. As these threads release, patterns are rewoven deeply anchored into depth of wisdom, discernment, compassion, and honoring of personal truth.


As inner union is cultivated, archetypal and elemental influences will make themselves known. Courting the influences that are alive in your unique experience nourishes a rich intimacy in the process of inner union, and begins to weave you into re-union with natural world. From this space you reawaken to the body magic encoded in your cellular DNA and begin to repattern templates held deeply within your own cellular consciousness, as well as that of the collective.


Your higher self, the universe, and your guides are always communicating with you; guiding you forward along your path and directing your awareness to areas of blockage or old templating that require your attention. This communication comes in many forms and is often heard only as whisper. Catastrophic, shocking and painful events are often experienced when this whisper has been ignored for too long and is a way that the universe ‘shouts’ to get our attention. Learning to hear and take aligned action from these messages creates a more harmonious experience of realignment and allows you to follow the path of your highest potential with ease and grace.