Initiation Spirals


Alchemy of Fractal Sacred Union

Oracular Initiation with Heather Day

Dearest Soul,

Are you ready to grow your roots and step into your next expansion?

Please know that your life is unfolding exactly how it is meant to and in the perfect divine timing for your unique journey.


You are here reading this message because it is exactly where your soul has guided you in your search for more meaning, purpose and fulfillment in life.


It can be easy to get caught up in the illusion of logic that states “what once was, is all there can be“…


To be held back by the belief that you are stuck on the path you chose and the fear that you may never get to walk the road you soul truly yearns for…


To see only the accumulation of confirmations of limitation and perceived failure.


I am here to tell you that every single step you have ever taken is, and always was meant to be part of your unique path.


Every single step you have ever taken has been steeped in wisdom to be gained and alchemized within your own embodied experience.


No other human in the world has led the same life you have lived. And, as a result, no other human in the world has your unique combination of experiential wisdom gathered within them to be shared.


It is impossible for you to take a step off your path, because every choice you make, every step you take – your path appears beneath your feet and presents you with exactly the jewels you are meant to discover.


Allow your dreams to alchemize in their own unique way by letting go of the idea that the past should have happened differently, or that you should be anywhere other than exactly where you are.


You worked so hard to build the life you have today,




There is a piece of self you feel has been left undiscovered and unexpressed.

You are fully supported when you turn your devotion toward stepping into your purpose.




No one else can hand you the answers, because no one else knows your unique history, path ahead, and all the nuanced stories and gifts that live within your being.


You can trust that the entire universe and your entire lineage has your back in pursuing your purpose and your dreams.


Your purpose and gifts are your superpower and they are already here. They are your unique magic that others have already felt in you and sought you out for your whole life


You already experience your gifts and genius everyday, you just haven’t harnessed and channeled your power, so they sometimes come out sideways – YOUR ‘SHADOWS’ ARE POWERFUL KEYS TO YOUR GIFTS.


Your unique gifts and superpowers are those things that come so easily to you, that you don’t even realize they are a gift. In fact, they may be so unique that they actually feel like a curse to you.


Your purpose is simply to return to YOU… and to let the knowledge and wisdom within you flow into the world to create the unique impact your being is here to make.


There is no “right time” to devote yourself to your purpose. Now, and now, and now are all the right time. You simply have to be ready to give yourself permission to take the leap.


The only resources that are limited are the ones tied up supporting the life you are living right now. You must be willing to release what is no longer serving into the alchemical fire for the fertility of new life to spring.

Are you ready to turn and face all that is distorting your truth,


to bring clarity to the core essence of YOU



Remember Soul Mission

It’s time to resurrect the ways of old and weave them into practical experience for modern life.


There comes a time in personal journey of self discovery where some souls are called to a deeper reclamation; a wisdom, inner compass, and spark of life… and power to build deeply rooted dreams into reality.


This is your souls calling for initiation by the fertile soils of the dark feminine.


The feminine has been revered throughout history until modern times for her natural oracular connection to ancient mother wisdom through her womb.


The best kept secret is that these gifts of the feminine are present in all of life, including inside of men, and they are waiting to be remind us of our deeper mission, power, and magic, as well as a rooted vision for a sustainable future.


Just as a Feminine core being must learn to hold a safe container to channel her being into the world and take aligned action through integration of the strong masculine gifts that reside within her,


Likewise, the Masculine core must learn to penetrate, navigate and fertilize his owner inner feminine in order to bring depth, vitality, deeper purpose as he reclaims his soul mission.


I am not here to offer answers, as no one can hand that to anyone else. Nor am I here to hack the system or offer quick fixes.


I am here to create efficiency as I act as a conduit for universal consciousness and the mapping of your own divine polar coding so that you can ingest and understand the intangible parts of you at deeper and deeper levels of embodiment through my spirals of Oracular Initiation.


The process here is one of alchemical death and rebirth.


Anchoring into flow with spiral cycles of Divine Consciousness in a way that neither forces nor lets anything slip by.


A way that is deeply present to feel and hear the communications of both the body and the universe so that aligned and powerful action is activated.

Alchemy of Sacred Union

Are you yearning for Oracular insight and Initiation?


Find out if we are attuned…

My mission is to distill you down to a more pure essence of your own soul expression – To help you remember and reclaim your magic and mission – To empower you with the confidence and skills to navigate the evolution of your dreams, anchor them into reality, share your gifts in the world and cultivate your aligned path of prosperity. I cannot do it for you, and it is no one else’s responsibility to bring your mission to life. The space I hold requires individual sovereignty, accountability, and devotion to self discovery.


My work is most powerful when the logical, rational mind is ready to allow itself to be re-orientated to a deeper presence and witnessing to receive rooted guidance before action. Resistance, armor, and guarding are valuable gateways that must be honored, and yet their programming is outdated and no longer serving your desires. Depth must precede direction and action in order to create firm foundations in which to channel your expression. Therefore, your entire being must be ready to carry any apprehension over the edge as you leap into the dark unknown.

My container requires deep vulnerability, a tremendous amount of courage, and trusting your body to open at its own pace. Though permanent shifts come with each release, the layers come by degrees and unravel only as your container gains ability to hold and weave with them. You will experience quantum timeline shifts at points in your life (and will very likely experience powerful shifts from your time in this cauldron), the results I cultivate are akin to tending a garden, and the soil must be fertile for roots to grow. You recognize the results you get will be completely individual and dependent upon your own devotion to your practice and process.


The foundation of fractal sacred union alchemy is an initiation into deeper intimacy and courtship between the masculine and feminine (Yin and Yang) aspects of self and life. This is romancing of life is reflected in all of creation. Acknowledgement of, and readiness to court the polar aspects of self (the feminine within the masculine, the masculine within the feminine) are central to entering this cauldron with me.

Choose Your Spiral of Initiation


For the soul who is ready to remember more of who they are.

Remember your gifts, revitalize your mission and illuminate your path.

Seeker Access* to my oracular gifts of weaving will help you see where you are on your path, re-orientate your direction, help you understand your shadow/gift spectrum, and clarify the underlying energetic templating that is the blueprint of your life.




For the soul who is ready to unravel blockages and anchor more deeply into their soul expression.

Meet the oracle in her cave for initiation with the Dark Mother – welcome the shadows and dig deep to alchemize the wisdom and empowerment that lies within.

A 12 week immersion of time magic, body alchemy and discovery to unravel blockages and permanently anchor in aligned cellular templating.




For the soul who is ready for deep, truly communal healing.

Men and women board a 12 week dragon ride deep into the bowels of shadow as we witness and hold each other in a sacred container of unconditional love and safety.

Unravel the wounds of separation and move into a deeper level of fractal sacred union with life.

*Individual oracular initiation available to support and deepen your experience.