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Uncover Your Innate Gifts and Soul Mission

My Oracular Initiation weaves with aspects of Human Design and Gene Keys to help you uncover your innate gifts and align with your soul’s purpose.  Whether you’re familiar with these systems or new to them, I will guide you through a personalized initiation that incorporates archetypal and astrological wisdom tailored to your unique journey. This process also includes working with the mind to understand inner patterns and cultivate pathways of union between mind and body.

Is Oracular Initiation Right for You?

This program might be the right step for you if:

-You are driven to unravel the intricate dance between your innate gifts and shadow spectrum, understanding how they shape and influence the key areas of your life.

-You are seeking a new depth in contemplation of your unique core gifts and how they weave through the tapestry of your life and relationships.

-You are on a quest to understand the barriers hindering the quality of connection and depth of intimacy you experience in relationships.

-You crave clarity in your vocation, seeking to unveil the partners and pathways aligned with your purpose, and to understand how your gifts can be harnessed to enrich your community.


This program may NOT be right for you if:

You desire to create deep alchemical shifts and unravel nervous system blockages at the root level. My Alchemical Union Cauldron is more well suited to this depth of work.

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Are You Ready to Uncover Your Innate Gifts Through Oracular Initiation?

Oracular Initiations

What is Included in Seeker Access to an Initiation Spiral, and What Should I Expect?


  • Seeker Access is 4 weeks of virtually unlimited access to my oracular gifts and insights through voice clip.
    • These insights are time-coded and will continue to reveal wisdom to you as your soul-led transformation evolves.
    • I have clients coming to me years after their oracular initiation telling me that they are STILL extracting gold from those insights!
  • Each spiral includes a comprehensive deep dive into each sphere of the chosen sequence along an exploration of its unique expression through you.
    • I intuitively weave this information with archetypal, elemental, astrological, and oracular wisdom which come alive and present to guide you.
  • We will also cover the basics of how your soul communicates to you specifically, how that registers in your body, and how you might use this guidance make more aligned decisions in the future.
  • I will intuitively recommend practices and resources to support deeper exploration and embodiment of your contemplations.
  • You will gain access to a folder so you can download any resources I curate and share which are time-coded to evolve with you.
  • At the end of our 4 weeks you will receive a complimentary 2 hour bonus Alchemical Union session!
    • During this session we will identify the theme that feels most alive for you at that time and take a deep dive into my alchemical container.
    • During this session we will swim in the ocean of fractal union to re-template your internal experience at the root level and create immediate and permanent shifts, anchoring you more fully into your souls authentic expression.

How to Choose a Spiral of Initiation:


Please trust any strong calling you have to a specific initiation spiral, regardless of the linear pathway.

That being said, if you are unsure where to begin, it is recommended that you begin with a personal Activation sequence and move through the Venus and into the Pearl as you deepen into understanding of your own process and gifts.

The Venus sequence is both the longest and most intensive in depth and layers/threads to process. While it is beneficial to be aware of the unique ways in which you evolve and root yourself into new templating discovered through the Activation sequence before venturing into this spiral, it is not required.

If you have formed a business to channel your gifts into the world, I recommend exploring the business oracle after completing your own Oracle Sequence, as your business is here to amplify your own innate gifts of service in your fractal.

Choose Your Spiral of Oracular Initiation


  • Weave awareness and remembrance of your core sacred gifts, including the key theme of your Life’s work and Purpose.
  • Illuminate your unique experience within each of your innate gift, revealing the root essence of your being.
  • Weave together the overall flavor of your gifts in your Incarnation Cross, unlocking the cosmic blueprint that radiates from your aura.
  • Reveal specific time loops that are holding you back and contemplate the vast treasure they call you to claim.
  • Learn how your gifts are supported by the foundation of your South Node (the roots upon which you stand) and how this stable footing nourishes and stabilizes your path toward your North Node (your greatest potential expressed).
  • Discover how the placement of certain planets and houses in your astrological chart may support the evolution of your soul-led journey.
  • Explore how various archetypal guides and roles may influence and enrich your journey, deepening the understanding of your path.


  • Travel backward in time through your core relational themes.
  • Uncover the purpose and innate gifts you bring to every relationship in your sphere.
  • Reveal the key theme of your vocation and the specific relational theme shadow that needs to be transmuted to activate this evolutionary sphere.
  • Illuminate the specific time loops that are holding you back from the depth and quality of intimacy, connection, and prosperity you desire.
  • Discover the key element of your natural magnetism and reveal blockages to receiving your manifestations.
  • Learn how these themes weave with your relationships to time, money, and your own self-worth.
  • Explore how certain astrological aspects hold the potential for enrichment and transformation at the relational level in your soul-led transformation.
  • Contemplate how archetypal influences and embodied roles enrich and deepen your understanding of relational dynamics.


  • Unravel the secret themes of sharing your innate gifts with the world, including who you are here to work with and the messages you are here to share.
  • Uncover the level of societal influence that you are most aligned to work with in your community fractal.
  • Learn the key theme of your brand frequency.
  • Discover the time loops that prevent you from attracting soul aligned opportunities to share your gifts.
  • Reveal the core theme of your higher purpose in your community.
  • Illuminate your unique frequency and path to prosperity.
  • Learn how astrological influences like the North Node, South Node, Saturn and Cross gifts support your expression of gifts in the world.
  • Contemplate how archetypal influences and embodied roles inform your own soul-led path to success and fulfillment.


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