Jana – Initiate Case Study

Photo from Heather

Alchemy of Sacred Union

Initiate Case Study

JANA – Embodiment Coach   ⇻   GLAMOROUS WITCH

Before Alchemy of Sacred Union:


  • 10+ years in marriage feeling love, but missing that feeling of passion, devotion and being cherished. Wondering how to support him in his process while honoring herself.

  • Feeling the call to tend her own garden and explore what the red river feminine looks like expressing through her.

  • Feeling uncomfortable asking for her value in sharing her gifts with the world and anchoring into her true magic.

  • Desiring closer bond with children and understanding how to support them better in their struggles.


What we did during our time together:


Embodied Boundaries: Weaving the mind and body into a harmonious expression of truth, honored and channeled from the depths of inner union.


Completion of Trauma Cycles: Uncovering how aspects of her current expression were anchored in incomplete cycles of experiences from adolescence, allowing these cycles to complete, and anchoring into a new empowering template of inner wisdom.


Cellular Re-templating: Identifying patterns and templating held at a cellular level that run through ancestry and soul lineage, meeting and holding this templating as it unraveled to be anchored into expansive and nourishing primordial source origin template.


Reparenting Inner Child: Allowing the body to guide us back into her childhood, to the root of her struggle with worthiness, creating safety and honoring of that experience, and meeting the unmet needs from that time in her life before anchoring a deeper truth more in alignment with her soul essence.


Archetypal Embodiment: Dancing with the dark, wild, primal, red river, feminine. Meeting fears and painful experience of this archetype and anchoring in to safety and honoring of her expression before inviting more of this flavor essence into movement practices, relationship, and daily interactions.


Results experienced from our time together in the 12 week Alchemy of Sacred Union program:


Relationships: “10 fold” improvement across the board in depth of connection and nourishment experienced in relationships. More passion, devotion, and heart-felt romantic gestures from her husband. Closer and more nourishing connection with children. Deeply aligned friends and acquaintances entering her life, as well as mentors and guides.


Work: Full expression of unique essence and magic channeled into creating a bespoke coaching program. Opportunities and divinely timed meetings which opened more doors for sharing her gifts in the world.


Self Expression: A depth of richness, connection to inner truth and guidance, and anchoring of support in the universe. Fully channeled authenticity and essence into every area of her life.

Words from Jana:


I came to Heather 6 months ago to reclaim the feminine and really intertwine and understand sacred union. I have been on my own personal development journey for over 10 years and have worked on myself and uncovered many layers. The big reason why I felt called to work with Heather, was around my relationships. My relationship with my children and my husband in particular, and a flow and effect with my relationship in my business and friendship networks. What Heather could masterfully guide me on was to go within and dance between the relationships internally. What did that look like? What did that feel like, this sacred union?

Our work together just opened a whole portal. It initiated me in ways I could never fathom. I wanted to really take time to allow this process to unfold. I felt incredible impact in how Heather guided me. My relationships started improving 10 fold and they are continuing to do so, even now, 6 months on. Since then, so many things have been activated, so many opportunities have come before me. There is a much clearer path.  I have really been able to distill my gifts and my purpose. Now I fully feel supported by the universe and by my own higher-self. There is no longer this battle that I have within myself being reflected in my external world. In our time together I was able to dance with the relationship that I hold within me, that sacred union, and its now caused a ripple effect, impacting all areas of my life: My inner circle, my husband, my children, my business, my family, friendship networks.

My work with Heather completely elevated, fast-tracked and initiated me in a whole new way. So much has happened since working with her. It has shifted the trajectory of my life. What Heather does is pure magic. She is so masterful in Sacred union and guiding this dance of sacred union within so that it can reflect in your external world. It’s so beautiful and such and honor and pleasure to work with Heather. If you resonate, she will take you to the next level.