Union of the Mind and Body Through the Terrain of the Heart

The Waffle Man and the Spaghetti Woman

Union of the mind and body begins with the thinking mind (specifically the cerebral cortex). This is the source of our masculine energetic expression. You can think of its expression like a waffle: compartmentalized, linear, rational etc. Most of us find ourselves quite adept at traversing this realm.

The body (as well as the cerebellum) is the source of our feminine energetic expression. The expression here is more like a bowl of spaghetti: Interconnected, irrational, chaotic. This realm is often less understood and most are far less adept here.

The heart is the meeting place of these two energies within, and it also holds all of the layers that prevent the mind from perceiving what exists within the body. Layers like armor, numbness, tenderness and anger live here.

Expression of the Mind, Body and Heart

The mind holds masculine gifts of penetration, containment, witnessing, presence, and action that are the key to honoring and expressing the feminine energy within the body.

The gifts of the body are wisdom, intuition, passion, sensuality, wildness, innocence, and love.
When these two forces come together within the body in the space of the heart, we find our inner truth, discernment, honoring of self and others, compassion and sovereignty.

The Gardener and the Flower

The Gardener patiently offers his presence to witness the flower, listening intently for the signals given that let him know what actions need to be taken in order to cultivate the fullest bloom (opening within the body).

The flower is ever present and honoring the state of the bloom (expansion or contraction in the body). Ever aware of the unique essence, gifts and wisdom held within, and only releasing them to the actions that meet the needs and desires for connection, witnessing and opening.

The union of gardener and flower is the very conception of life itself. The blooming and greening experienced here is the spark and flow of life, purpose, joy, love, and creation.