I think it’s important to share our struggles, because we are all only human, and this is part of my process for embracing the things I love least about myself while those layers are still growing and healing 💗

Friday was hard. Not the whole day, but parts of it. I got so frustrated with my daughter trying to get her to take a spelling test that’s required by her kindergarten teacher. I yelled at her and hit her on the head with the notebook. She started crying. I quickly realized that we needed a better solution. One that works for both of us and is fun for her, because she’s not learning anyways if it’s not fun.

So I sat with her and held her and apologized and let her run away when she needed space. And then we chose some reading and writing workbooks together that would be more fun and engaging for her 💗

In the process of this, I realized that I have a belief or a fear that a man will never love me as the kind of mother that I am… If he sees me being impatient, yelling… Even hitting on occasion 😔. A new layer for me to work through. Embracing the woman and mother I am. Being gentle with myself for the times I am overwhelmed and triggered… Exploring those feelings to heal my own wounds underneath. Loving, holding and accepting myself the way I desire to be loved 💗

We are all in our own space in our journey. I have come a long way from where I began, and I deeply appreciate where I am today. I also deeply appreciate these crazy situations that force us out of our comfort zone and create new opportunities for growth, healing and expression of our gifts 🥰

Sending love and light to everyone who is out of their comfort zone right now. Explore this feeling. Find the gift within it 💗💗