Oracular Initiation

Oracular Initiation

Mission and Design Oracle

Oracular Initiation with Heather Day

You were born with a unique design and soul mission which has been the foundation of your path and decision making processes throughout your whole life.


Ancient wisdom holds keys to decoding our cellular and genetic design to reveal our inherent gifts, shadow themes, core relational wounds, karmic cycles, purpose, unique path to prosperity, voice of intuition, natural energetic flows and so much more.


You stumble into this ancient wisdom with each step you take on your journey of self discovery.

Systems have been built upon the foundation of this gnosis which bring the mind on board by directing conscious access to your design. This can smooth the process of self discovery and contemplation, much the way a road map smooths travel from one point to another.


When you form a business to share your gifts with the world, your business is a separate entity with its own gifts, purpose, and energetic flow that it will initiate you into. It is here to channel and amplify your gifts toward a larger and more impactful presence in the community than you can have on your own.


Whether you are familiar with the structure of this system, or are completely new to it, I will meet you where you are and curate an oracular initiation that will midwife you through to your next spiral in self discovery.

Oracular Initiation

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Are You Ready to Remember Your Gifts and Soul Mission?


Enter the vortex of oracular initiation…

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Oracular Intensives

It is recommended that you begin with a personal Activation sequence and move through the Venus and into the Pearl as you deepen into understanding of your own process and gifts.

The Venus sequence is both the longest and most intensive in depth and layers/threads to process. It is beneficial to be aware of the unique ways in which you evolve and root yourself into new templating discovered through the Activation sequence before moving more deeply.

If you have formed a business to channel these gifts into the world, I recommend exploring the business oracle after completing your own Oracle Sequence.

Choose Your Spiral of Initiation


  • Weave awareness and remembrance of your core sacred gifts, including the key theme of your Life’s work and Purpose.
  • Illuminate your unique experience within each gift.
  • Weave together the overall flavor of your gifts in your Incarnation Cross.
  • Reveal specific time loops that are holding you back and learn specific practices designed to help you move through them and into the fullest essence of your gifts.
  • Learn how your gifts are supported by the foundation of your South Node (previous lifetime path) and how they weave with your path toward your North Node (current lifetime path).


  • Travel backward in time through your core relational themes.
  • Reveal the key theme of your vocation and the specific relational theme shadow that needs to be transmuted to activate this evolutionary sphere.
  • Illuminate the specific time loops that are holding you back from the intimacy, connection, and prosperity you desire.
  • Discover the key element of your natural magnetism and reveal blockages to receiving your manifestations.
  • Learn how these themes weave with your relationship to money.


  • Unravel the secret themes of sharing your gifts with the world, including who you are here to work with and the messages you are here to share.
  • Learn the key theme of your brand frequency.
  • Discover the time loops that prevent you from attracting soul aligned opportunities to share your gifts.
  • Reveal the core theme of your higher purpose in your community.
  • Illuminate your unique frequency and path to prosperity.
  • Learn how your North Node, South Node, Saturn and Cross gifts support your expression of gifts in the world.

*Each Oracle purchase receives Seeker Access to my Oracular gifts*



  • Individually curated Oracle Chart Spiral Initiation of Your Choice (Activation, Venus, or Pearl)
  • 2 week integration support via Whatsapp or Signal voice message
  • 1 x 2 hour Alchemical Embodiment Session for anchoring and integration
  • 15% discount on all future Oracular Initiation Purchases


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