My Sacred Womb Container

For most of my life I was disconnected from my internal/emotional world, the beautiful dark nebulous world of my inner yin, as many of us are. There are so many factors that contribute to this dissociation, and for me it was rooted deeply into a chasm that was built at about the age of 2...... Read More

The Dark Labyrinth

The Masculine has forgotten how to hold and make love to the Feminine in the heart of her home. He has forgotten their meeting place in the depths of her nebulous world in the cavernous core of her temple. Alone and abandoned she calls out to him from this space. All the while he comes...... Read More

Orgasmic Inner Union

When a strong emotion makes itself known to us, sometimes we can gain some insights into and scratch beneath the surface of the experience. We may be feeling frustrated, sad, angry or overwhelmed about a situation. This situation is a very real thing that is being experienced, but the way you are experiencing it is...... Read More

The Journey

Written almost three years ago as a refection on my journey and vision for what lies ahead. I’m still somewhere in the middle… so much more embodied… so many gifts revealed and shared… such light and purpose… I’m awaiting my partner and continuing the spiral of transformation and empowerment as my gifts are honed and...... Read More

I Am…

I am the fire that will initiate my lover into all of his power and potency. I am the mirror that will reflect the layers his soul is ready to shine through. I am the catalyst that will activate his soul’s longing to flow free of the tension created from unexpressed emotion. I am the...... Read More

What Does Feminine Awakening Have To Do With Men?

How is embodiment related to the current atmosphere and energies of feminine awakening? Does this have anything to do with men? Every human being has both feminine and masculine energies within them. Every human also has a dominant energy which they embody more strongly than the other. If mindfulness is rooted in the the masculine...... Read More

WHY Do We Still Feel So Disempowered Despite Years of Inner Work?!

Have you ever worked with a therapist or mentor to understand why you do the things you do and act the way you act? Did you also gain understanding the reasons why you might be showing up in those ways, and even having a new understanding of how you “should” or desire to be showing...... Read More

The Practice Of Inviting Your Feelings In

2020 has been the year of the feminine awakening in the global conscious. This isn’t about women at all… It’s about the feminine energy within us all that has been pushed aside, forgotten, unaccepted, and unexpressed. We are being confronted now with all of those most primal fears at the loss of: Safety and security,...... Read More

“The Work”

Wow… I am watching The Work right now… I actually meant to watch it last week after a beautiful session I participated in on Rebirthing the masculine. And then Divine timing happened and I forgot. Since then I have gotten clear messages from my Crone that I need to feel more deeply, allow myself to...... Read More


Fifty Shades of Gray… It’s a thing, right?! Why did so many women go crazy of this book about soft-core BDSM? Many of the same women who are cold and shut down with their partners were in love with this book… I was one of them. So, what gives?! The truth is that, YES, the...... Read More