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Journey of the Cross Quarter Vortex

Cross Quarter Vortex Workshops:
A Journey of Deep Initiation and Spiritual Evolution

Welcome to the Cross Quarter Vortex Workshops, a series of transformative journeys that honor the cycles of the seasons and their impact on our spiritual evolution.

Rooted initiation through the feminine is a key component of our growth as both men and women.

The feminine aspect of life is the mother of all creation, the creatrix and initiatrix. The cerebral mind is birthed from the mother cerebellar consciousness, designed to learn about the physics and laws that rule our 3D reality, working in conjunction with our cerebellar wisdom of the quantum world and our soul truth.

In our society, we are often guided to develop the cerebral aspect while disconnecting from the rooted wisdom of the cerebellar consciousness.

The process of initiation through the feminine realm allows us to re-anchor ourselves in her wisdom and receive her guidance, weaving it into the 3D world and our expression.

This reconnection enables us to access our soul gifts and align our actions with our true purpose. One of my mentors used to say, “Depth before direction.” Depth represents the feminine influence, and direction represents the masculine. Both are needed in our own unique dynamic measure, depending on the phase and season of life, which peaks in action during summer and slows to deep rest during winter.

Seasonal Workshop Structure

Join me and a group of 12 souls for a 12-week immersive experience. We will meet bi-weekly for live virtual sessions and connect in a closed Facebook community, supporting each other through this transformative journey.

What you will experience

  • Deep Communion with the Feminine: Navigate the mystical realm with clarity, integrating its profound wisdom into your everyday actions.
  • Masculine Integration: Cultivate strong containers, boundaries, and soul-aligned direction, anchoring your actions in deeper wisdom.

Unique Features of the Cross Quarter Vortex

  • Sacred Union of Masculine and Feminine: Experience a deep communion with the feminine while cultivating strong containers, boundaries, direction, and action through the masculine.
  • Spotlight Sessions: Participants have the opportunity for focused, transformative work in a group setting.
  • Gene Keys Illumination: Delve into Gene Keys charts, offering individual insights and interpretations that will benefit the entire group.
  • Oracular Wisdom: I will weave Fractal Union between the masculine and feminine aspects of our experience, integrating Human Design and Gene Keys to guide you towards your internal authority.
  • Seasonal and Archetypal Influences: Each spiral is bespoke, exploring what is alive for our group in relation to the seasons, elements, and archetypal energies. Working with dynamic feminine archetypes (initiatrix, creatrix) and masculine archetypes (warrior, king, lover, magician) to build a life that honors both spiritual and practical realms.
  • Community Support: Engage in a closed, nurturing community space for interaction and shared growth.

Investment Options:

  • Early Bird Pricing: $333 (until June 30th), then $444 (until July 15th)
  • Regular Pricing: $555
  • Add-On Option: 8 x 2hr – 1:1 Alchemical Union Cauldron sessions, and virtually unlimited voice clip support for $7,444. Applications required, limited to 2 spaces.
  • Year-Long Apprenticeship: A comprehensive year-long journey within the Alchemical Union Cauldron. Contact me to inquire.

Embodied Wisdom and Action

Embrace the opportunity to align with the cycles of the seasons and the deep wisdom they offer. Whether participating in the seasonal workshop, adding personalized 1:1 guidance, or embarking on a year-long apprenticeship, each path is designed to support deep transformation and growth.

Claim Your Space in the Autumn Vortex Opening 09/01/2024

*spaces limited to 12 souls*