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In this 40 minute class we cover three gateways of Sacred Union:


1. How the state of your inner union is reflected to you, and what you might experience as a result of misalignment between dreams and reality.


2. Where did all of this begin? We often talk about how traumas and templated are installed in childhood, but we also know that these things are ancestral and are passed through cellular DNA. So where did all of this come from?


3. The lenses I like to use in exploring these threads and cultivating the skills recode our cellular DNA and re-anchor it in the primordial templates of ancient masculine and feminine energetic frequencies.


PLUS! A bonus guided meditation for you to experience the state of your own inner union first-hand.

Disclaimer: This class is for initiates who desire to anchor into a new paradigm of love and purpose, and may be interested in the Alchemy of Sacred Union 1:1 12 week program.

Access to the Gateways of Sacred Union Masterclass is now available.