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Soul-led Transformation

Soul-led Transformation

Work With Heather Day

Dearest Soul,

You’ve arrived here seeking more meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in your soul-led transformation. Every step you’ve taken has been part of your unique path, steeped in wisdom waiting to be alchemized within your own experience.

For centuries, humans have been systematically disconnected from the innate wisdom and power residing within the non-tangible, yin aspects of their being and consciousness.

This disconnection has led to a separation of mind and body, reflecting a disconnect in every area of our lives.

I am here to resurrect our connection to the wisdom that exists beyond space and time, within every human being.

This is the internal guidance system led by the soul self, in service to all of humanity while fulfilling the deepest desires and purposes of the individual.

Soul-led Transformation

The Siren’s Call: Your Soul-led Transformation

You are being activated and called forward to rediscover this wisdom within. Dive deep into the waters of your soul and unearth the treasures hidden within.

I am here to support your journey in ways that will have a dramatic impact at every fractal level in your life…

From the ethereal realms of the soul’s universal connection to the everyday human experience and the challenges you face, you’ll learn to walk this journey with the grace of a mermaid navigating the depths of the ocean.

The Truth No One Ever Told You:

Your Dreams are Trustworthy Guides in Your Soul-led Transformation


When you’ve found your way to this space, it’s because you sense there’s a deeper calling within you, a sacred mission waiting to unfold – your natural conscious evolution. Your higher self is whispering, guiding you to step more fully into your purpose.

In this mystical journey, trust becomes your lantern in the dark. Every step you take, every decision you make, serves a larger purpose, one woven into the very fabric of your being.

Hidden within you also lies a dream—a vision of a life rich in quality, a love experienced in its most profound form, an impactful contribution to the world, or a transformational change brought to your community.

These dreams often serve as whispers from the cosmos, illuminating the missing pieces in our communities, guiding us toward more deeply honoring and integrated ways of living, loving, and supporting one another.

Your dreams, both large and small, hold the keys to your mission. They’re the clues leading you along your path.

Trust in them – they are the sacred whispers of your soul, urging you toward your divine mission.

As your Conscious Evolution Guide, I am here to help you unveil these hidden dreams, providing you with the tools, support, and mystical guidance needed to turn them into reality.

The Secret You’ve Been Missing:

Honor the Struggle

In this mystical journey, the struggles we face—doubt, fear, and limiting beliefs—are sacred messengers.


They reveal the tender spaces within us, calling for our attention and love.


As your guide in Soul-led Transformation, I’m here to help you recognize these struggles for what they truly are—opportunities for healing and deep-rooted growth within your soul.


Supported by Source and Gaia, the great mother and father of us all, you’ll learn to embrace these tender spaces, allowing them to become gateways to your inner wisdom and boundless potential.

Soul-led Transformation
Remember your mission

Building the Foundations of the New Paradigm

In this sacred journey, I act as a guide to the stewards of the new paradigm, those who are called to reclaim their soul’s truth and mission.

At it’s deepest roots, my work becomes a revolutionary ringleader in the preservation of the human race, carrying souls through the rocky path of awakening and stepping into their divine purpose.

As a Priestess of Fractal Union, I teach my clients to listen to the whispers of their higher-self, the universe, and Gaia, guiding them along the evolution of their soul-led path.

The souls drawn to this transformation are not only learning to integrate these sacred teachings into their own lives, but are also destined to share this wisdom with others.

They become the builders of the new paradigm, each brick laid with intention, each soul empowered to step into their highest truth.

Together, we are not only changing individual lives but reshaping the very fabric of human existence.

Soul-led Transformation

Deepen Your Soul-led Transformation Journey


Let’s discover if we are attuned…

Are You Ready to Step into Your Sovereignty and Create Your Aligned Path?

My mission is to help you uncover the essence of your soul’s expression, and to assist stewards of the new paradigm in remembering and reclaiming their magic and mission.

I am here to empower you with the confidence and skills to navigate the evolution of your dreams, anchor them into reality, share your gifts with the world, and cultivate your aligned path of prosperity.

There is no room for victim mindset here. I believe that, while experiences in your life have been painful, every step has led you right to where you are now, to me, and your soul and the world need you to step into your sovereignty.

This journey demands your active participation.

While I can guide you, the journey is your responsibility alone, and it requires your commitment to invest your time, energy, and resources to yourself and trust in the divine unfolding of your path: past, present and future.

This work may not be the right fit for you if you’re not ready to take charge and accountability over your resources of time, energy, and money to direct them toward your own growth and building the life you desire from the roots up.


Are you ready to challenge the way you think, act, and approach life?

My approach demands a willingness to step out of your comfort zone.

This work is most powerful when your logical, rational mind is ready to allow itself to be reoriented to a deeper presence and witnessing so that it can receive rooted guidance before taking action.

This requires a deep level of vulnerability and a tremendous amount of courage.

Resistance, armor, and guarding are valuable gateways that must be honored, and met with tenderness and acceptance, yet their programming is often outdated and no longer serving your desires.

Depth must precede direction and action to create firm foundations for channeling expression. Therefore, your entire being must be prepared to carry any apprehension over the edge as you leap into the dark unknown.

This work may not be a fit for you if you do not feel ready to challenge your current foundation of action and bring it more in alignment with your unique nature.


Are you prepared to patiently trust the process?

My approach requires trust in your own body to open at its own pace.

Just as a gardener tends to their garden, nurturing it over time for it to flourish, my approach requires patience and dedication.

Permanent shifts come with each release, yet the layers unravel gradually, akin to the way a garden grows and evolves as the soil becomes more fertile and the roots dig deeper.

You will very likely experience a quantum timeline shift as a result of our time together. However, it’s important to recognize that the results you achieve will be completely individual and dependent upon your own devotion to your practice and process.

This work may not be suitable for those seeking a quick fix or who are unwilling to trust the pace of their own unfolding.


Are you ready to explore new depths within yourself?

My work is tailored for those who have already embarked on a significant spiritual journey.

If you’re feeling yourself at a threshold or a portal of initiation into a realm you have yet to touch and explore within yourself, then you’re in the right place.

You may sense that you are at the beginning of a new chapter in your life, where the old no longer fits, and something new is calling to you.

This work may not be a good fit for you if you’re not ready to go deeper than ever before, and if you’re not prepared to claim and step into your biggest and wildest dreams.

If you answered YES to all of those questions, it’s time to

Choose Your Spiral of Initiation


For the soul who is ready to uncover more of who they were born to be.

Remember your gifts, revitalize your mission and illuminate the path to your soul-led transformation.

4 week Seeker Access* to my oracular gifts of weaving will reveal a rich contemplation of where you are on your path, re-orient your direction, help you understand your shadow/gift spectrum, and clarify the underlying energetic templating that is the blueprint of your life.




For the soul who is ready to unravel blockages, alchemize root level, body-led nervous system attunement, and anchor more deeply into their soul expression.

Meet the oracle in her cave for initiation with the Dark Mother – welcome the shadows and dig deep to alchemize the wisdom and empowerment that lies within.

A 12 week immersion of time magic, body alchemy and discovery to unravel blockages and permanently anchor in aligned cellular templating.




For the soul who is ready for deep, truly communal healing.

12 Souls board a 12 week dragon ride deep into the bowels of shadow as we witness and hold each other in a sacred container of unconditional love and safety.

Unravel the wounds of separation and move into a deeper level of fractal sacred union with life.

*Individual oracular initiation available to support and deepen your experience.