“Being a masculine dominant, it was once beyond me, the wisdom of the inner feminine. Working with Heather has helped me transform the way I view myself; my feelings, my thoughts, my body, my sense of self-worth, my fears, and most importantly, the way I view, listen to, and honor my inner feminine. And… as an endearing and very welcomed consequence – the way I honor, respect, and adore the divine feminine that bless us with their presence each and every day. The container Heather creates allows me to soften myself without ever feeling one moment of judgment. I don’t feel any lesser a man. In fact it’s the exact opposite! Some of my most profound self-realizations and healings have come from working with Heather. 


Working with Heather I feel fully accepted, unconditionally loved, and honored in how I express myself. Her passion is fierce, she’s NOT one to hold back haha… BUT the way she guides me through the process is ever so gentle and reassuring – like that of a mother whose compassion is unyielding and of infinite capacity. I am safe. I’m fully free to be vulnerable and accountable, or to scream or  cry, and I know she is there at all moments to gently bring me back into being present if I find myself lost in the unknown murky waters of my own inner feminine. 


The knowledge and wisdom that she has to offer on sacred union and the masculine and feminine archetypes is exactly what the world is only just beginning to figure out it needs! If you’re looking to dive deeper into your dominant or not so dominant energies, or seeking, within, a sacred union of the two – Heather Day is the blessing that the universe may have very well created just for you.”