The Journey of Self

Journey of Sacred Union

Finding Myself and Weaving my Dreams into Reality

My Childhood Experience

From my youngest years I experienced deep emotional, sexual, and physical traumas that forced me to shut down my feeling body and armor myself against those who were meant to protect me. As a result, my childhood was forged in a state of defense and struggle which wreaked havoc on my core relational structures.

I had an early inner knowing that the adults around me most certainly did not have the answers. While this instilled a certain ‘know-it-all’ flavor to my expression, it also imbued me with the strength and drive to figure it out for myself and to follow my own path.

I knew 3 things from a young age: (1) the drive for money would not rule my decisions, (2) there was a higher consciousness expressing through each of us, and (3) somehow, everything would be okay.

Journey of Sacred Union - childhood
Journey of Sacred Union - relationships

The inner wisdom I carried moved me from experience to experience. Always led by what lit me up and moving away from what burned me out. This way of experiential learning in my life saw me move through many jobs, several religions, and more than a few relationships by the time I got married in my late twenties. I found myself in financial hardship continuously, but always had an inner sense that this higher consciousness would carry me through.

I faced a lot of criticism and backlash from some of my family around the decisions I made on a spiritual level. I followed my heart into and out of religious structures, which resulted in deep levels of disappointment and, at times, outright rejection from parts of my family and community. This fed my experience of struggle, but also strengthened my determination to fight for what mattered to me.

During my marriage it became apparent that I was far disconnected my own identity and happiness. The birth of my two children only served to show me just how empty my own cup had become, and the severe lack of awareness I had of how to refill it. My life was not working as it was, and a drastic shift was needed.

At the age of 32, I found the catalyst to lasting release of the trauma loops that had formed the life I was living. In the years that followed, I experienced a series of complete dissolution and restructuring of my external identities, boundaries and relational interactions.

After my divorce I found myself determined to build a life that prioritized freedom of my own experience. This meant being home with my children, working from anywhere I found myself, and discovering and sharing my own natural gifts.

Since then have I devoted myself to my inner journey and refused to take any work that doesn’t nourish my soul and light up my heart. I have faced many spirals of rebirth and dove deep into paths of discovery and remembering.

As I have unraveled distortions and cleared the way for my own soul to shine through, I have reclaimed my gifts of shamanic midwifery through transitionary phases of life. To unravel what holds me out of alignment and alchemize a path to anchor in new timelines. To weave union between the realms of dream and reality.

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During this journey I have also reclaimed my oracular gift of sensing where others fires have been tamped down. I tend the embers to ignite the flames of their dreams and midwife the next transition to the purest expression of their soul.

I am here on a larger scale to identify the values that allow our society to persevere and thrive – to know when change or revolution is needed and carry souls through the contractions of rebirth.

I achieve this using my gifts of weaving fractal union through the layers of cellular experience to anchor into the universal truths that carry us to our unique purpose and path to prosperity in this life.