Written almost three years ago as a refection on my journey and vision for what lies ahead. I’m still somewhere in the middle… so much more embodied… so many gifts revealed and shared… such light and purpose… I’m awaiting my partner and continuing the spiral of transformation and empowerment as my gifts are honed and continue to be revealed 🥰

I finally stand here on my smooth path as a complete person, in love with myself for the first time in my life.

I look back over the broken road that has led me to this point.

I see myself begin this journey as a child warrior; Dawning armor and shield.

As I progress moving boulders, jumping chasms and climbing mountains, my armor grows heavier, thicker; my weapons more lethal to the connections I attempt to build.

Eventually, I begin to sense that this armor and these weapons have begun to harm me more than protect me and I attempt to shed them…to no avail.

They have become a part of my skin, grown so close me that I can’t see where I end and they begin.

I struggle with them and resist them, crying for help…seeking guidance to release them and hoping against hope that those in my life can withstand the onslaught of wounds dealt by the blows that seem to have a mind of their own.

Unfortunately, some cannot…

At long last an angel appears out of the darkness, standing as a lighthouse to a ship lost at sea.

I stumble and stand in her light.

I allow it to wash over me and begin to see my own light deep within.

My strength grows as I frantically shine light into every wound.

The armor begins to release as I shine my light deep into the depths of my soul, revealing shadows that have lingered so long.

I eagerly, lovingly coax the darkness out into the light.

I hold it up each piece of armor to the light as it falls; appreciating the protection it once gave me and purpose it once served.

I gently tell it that it’s service is no longer needed.
I have become strong.

I stand tall; I walk confidently, lightly, authentically.

I have become the lighthouse…shining my light so that others may find the way to their light.

I see another lighthouse in the distance and soon I see lighthouses begin to light across the entire expanse of my vision.

I have learned the skills to lay my path smooth before me as I watch the pieces fall into place before my next step.

And as I stand here looking back over my journey and looking ahead to my journey with you, I deeply appreciate every boulder, chasm and mountain that stood in my way.

I appreciate every piece of armor, every shield and weapon that has served me along the way.

They made me strong for a time until I learned my own strength.

They kept me protected when I thought I was too weak to make it on my own.

This path of tears of trials, this path full of life, light and shadows has made me who I am, and has led me straight to you.

So, as I stand here looking forward with clarity and strength, radiance and purpose… You have finally joined me, and I see our journey together laid out before us.

I see both smooth and rocky places in our path, I see transcendent light, unconditional love and support. I see a partner and a mutual support system as we navigate the rocky parts of our journey.

But no longer is the path treacherous, it is full of adventure and excitement… ups and downs, ins and outs, winding and free… challenging and rewarding.

You take my hand as I look into your eyes and together we continue with hearts full, lights bright and our children running before us, headlong into the adventure that awaits.