Why Choose Heather

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Inner Work: Realm of the Feminine

I have felt a deep calling from the masculine, a yearning for more intimate connection, a desire to understand how to access and channel his emotions, a search to discover his own flavor of masculine expression, and a beckoning to claim his purpose and direction. I believe this purpose to reclaim his soul as a Grail King, protecting and honoring the feminine, life giving oracle within himself, as well as the holy grail of life and creation embodied in the earth and women around him.

Intimacy, emotions, authentic expression, oracular intuition and purpose are all aspects that exist deep in the feminine energetic body within every human. Seated in the lower chakras steeped in deep, dark, Yin energy.


~A woman embodied in her feminine essence is the natural holder of these oracular codes.~


I have also felt a calling to provide support to the feminine who are on the path of sacred union remembrance. I feel a deep desire to shine a light for their own initiation as well as the dance of initiation in sacred union relationship. The feminine has forgotten her magic, her enchantment, the oracle embodied within her. She has forgotten that her womb is the holy grail embodied, enchanted with the codes of life itself. I am here to help her remember.

There is a unique balm experienced when unfolding within a container held by a polar energy expression. For a man to be fully received, accepted, honored and respected in his deepest, most vulnerable expression by the feminine is a gift that is unparalleled.

Unfortunately, this kind of container for the masculine is deeply underserved. Not a single woman I know in this space feels called to hold a sacred container for the masculine outside of me.

I feel a deep calling in my body to step forward and share my heart and soul as an embodied feminine guide to walk hand-in-hand with the masculine as we navigate these realms, and to shine a light while he excavates the wisdom held deep within his own body.

This space I offer is a balm of receptivity, acceptance, unconditional love, compassion, and tenderness… while also wielding a fierce, mystical, and wild feminine power – the keys to initiation and alchemical transformation of the soul.

My deepest desire is to support men and women in reclaiming their own unique essence of power, potency, and purpose; to reunite them with their inner magic to reawaken the Grail Kings; to support them in their own divine dance of union with their beloved; to see our world alive with powerful leaders and protectors who build a vision of united communities. Our Kings hold the gift of providing a safe container for our Queens to bloom and breath life back into our communities. This union is a magnetizing force of abundance, love and wisdom which nourishes our families and communities.